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reducing sticking and picking in tabletting

Tackling Tablet Sticking | Pharmaceutical Technology

Sticking should not be confused with picking, which can look very similar to sticking, but which can commonly be resolved by changing tablet design. In recent years, I Holland has seen increasing requests for assistance in solving sticking from both generics and pharmaceutical companies alike.

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2010-12-13· Definition: 'Picking' is the term used when a small amount of material from a tablet is sticking to and being removed off from the tablet-surface by a punch face. The problem is more prevalent on the upper punch faces than on the lower ones.

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blending and tabletting. If the tablet operators knew about this buildup, they If the tablet operators knew about this buildup, they could anticipate the picking and sticking that is likely to ensue.

Tablet-Sticking Solutions | Pharmaceutical Technology

Tablet sticking, in which material adheres to the surface of a tablet-punch face, is an ongoing and costly problem in pharmaceutical manufacturing and is a significant issue for drug-product formulators.

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Other tableting problems commonly encountered are picking and sticking, which may originate from the adhesive nature of powders. During a compression run, material slowly builds up on punches until it begins to deform the tablet surface resulting in picking, peeling or surface roughening. Sticking additionally involves adhesion to the die, resulting in needing increasing force to eject tablets ...


Sticking, Picking and Binding are the imperfections related to more amount of binder in granules. Mottling is an imperfection arising due to more than one factor: a coloured drug, dirt in granules or the use of an oily lubricant.

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tablet press operation Sticking and picking: Some causes and remedies Michael D. Tousey DI Pharma Tech d-Tousey art-10-15 12/1/04 11:31 AM Page 1. With some prod-ucts, sticking is so predictable that operators consider it a success when they can run for 2 hours without any sticking. Knowing the moisture content, particle size distri-bution, and other product properties will help you predict ...

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Reduce press speed to improve tablet weight, hardness, capping, lamination, friability, and sticking. If there is no change, then powder compressibility is in question, not the press. After all, if you cannot make great tablets at slow speed, why try to make them …

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Further enhanced anti-stick properties reducing tabletting problems. Offers a proven alternative to magnesium stearate spray system without reducing product yield.

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Novartis reported a strong sticking/picking problem causing the press to be stopped several times during manufacture for cleaning and maintenance of the punches, which resulted in production downtime. These two problems can be caused by various factors related to the physiochemical properties of the formulation components, the surface characteristics of punch face, as well as factors related ...

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Picking – the granules stick to the punches Sticking – the granules stick to the punch instead of creating a uniform tablet Chipping – happens when there is severe sticking of granules in the punches resulting in tablets that have rough edges

reducing sticking and picking in tabletting

Tablet Design: A Critical Aspect of Product Development. common tabletting pitfalls – such as sticking, picking, laminating and capping. It can also ensure optimum productivity, avoiding premature tooling wear and – in the worst case – tooling failure.

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Increase pan speed to reduce dwell time in the spray zone. Reduce spray rate and/or increase processing temperatures to reduce overwetting effects. Increase atomizing air pressure to get more effective atomization of coating liquid.

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Sticking can be minimised by screening formulations and the setting of tabletting machines so that consistent dust-free tablets can be produced. Screeing unfortunately can be very time consuming and researchers are investigating ways of using analytical methods or …

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Reduction of walking time in the distribution center … Reduction of the order pick time in distribution centers Order picking and shipping customer orders within an agreed time is the core function of a distribution center.

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The 3 Most Common Defects. Techceuticals team of consultants, trainers, and industry professionals are ready to help! Capping Lamination Sticking & Picking Hardness variation Thickness variation Metal fragments Black Spots Erosion Splitting Chipping Double Impressions

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Sticking occurs when granules attach themselves to the faces of tablet press punches. Picking is a more specific term that describes product sticking only …

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Tablet design is also known to affect sticking and pick- ing. and logos for the punch face that mini- mize enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. for example in "B" and "8. He www. but Natoli cautioned that high chromium content reduces the amount of compression force the punch can handle. T&C work.

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Another alternative method is the use of specific tool steel coatings that can be used to reduce sticking and picking on the punches. Depending on the product application and type of tool steel being used to manufacture the punches, there are several good coatings that can be used to help resolve these issues.

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Picking Small amount of material from a tablet is sticking to and being removed off from the tablet-surface by a punch face. The problem is more prevalent on the upper punch faces than on the lower ones. Fig: Picking…

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I Holland used its TSAR≈Predict (Tabletting Science Anti-Stick Research) model. With sticking and picking being such a universally significant problem in the pharmaceutical industry, I Holland invested in a two-year research programme to develop a predictive model that could be used to reduce downtime and ultimately costs. The model comprises data on a range of parameters including surface ...