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PROTherm alloy is a high conductivity copper beryllium alloy with good strength. This alloy has the highest conductivity of any alloy with tensile strength in excess of 100,000 psi. It is commonly used for injection mold cores, blow mold cavities and hot runners.

Copper Beryllium Vs. MATERIAL Beryllium-Free Copper MOLD

mold steels with beryllium copper and beryllium-free copper alloys and focused on cycle time reduction, quality changes and component performance — the beryllium-free alloy performed seven percent faster than the beryllium copper alloys.

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Beryllium copper mold materials have hardness properties comparable to tool steels, but with superior thermal conductivity. Beryllium copper plate, block, bar and rounds are available in a choice of strength, hardness and thermal conductivity levels.


BERYLLIUM COPPER PLASTIC MOULD MATERIALS "COMPLETE COMPETENCE IN COPPER" Apart from having a majority market share in all our product lines in india, we regulary export our plastic mould materials to more than 50 countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, malaysia,Thailand etc.

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Alibaba.com offers 531 beryllium copper for moulds products. About 24% of these are copper bars, 19% are moulds, and 18% are other copper. A wide variety of beryllium copper for moulds options are available to you, such as is alloy, non-alloy.

An Argument for MATERIAL Copper Conductivity

and other properties, beryllium copper surrounds us as components in com-puters, cars, phones, toys and countless other devices. • Beryllium is not radioactive. • Beryllium copper in solid form does not emit beryllium "vapors." • Machining coolant does not become a hazardous waste after machining beryl-lium copper.

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Performance Alloys Beryllium-Free is a great option! OSHA reviews the allowable beryllium exposure limits to better protect workers from harmful effects of Beryllium (like chronic beryllium disease or …

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While many nonferrous alloys meet nonsparking standards, only beryllium copper has the superior strength and hardness not found in safety tools made from aluminum, bronze, and brass. The nonmagnetic and corrosion-resistant properties of our tools are well suited for industrial and high technology applications.

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Dec 17, 2015· Typically, mold shops donâ t machine large quantities of beryllium copper because its use is generally limited to specific mold applications. However, when machining beryllium copper, it is necessary to implement safety measures. 1. Beryllium dust should be kept to a minimum and precautions should be taken when machining.

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Copper Beryllium is the highest strength copper alloy and is specified when the mechanical strength is the limiting design feature for a copper alloy. It is a heat treatable copper alloy having the unusual combination of very high hardness and strength and lower electrical conductivity than Class 3 materials.

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Manufacturer of Copper Alloys - C18000 Copper C15000 Zirconium Copper and Beryllium Pinch Offs, Mold Cavities for Bold Molds, Cores, Core & Ejector . Send Inquiry; China Best C18000 Heat Treatable Copper Alloy Plate .

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C17200 Beryllium Copper is manufactured to provide a combination of high strength and hardness properties coupled with superior thermal properties. This range of properties makes C17200 Beryllium Copper the premier material for copper alloy molds and a wide range of other applications from oil and gas to aerospace.

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Thermal-Mold Super™ is a beryllium-free mold alloy of Copper-Nickel-Silicon-Chrome that has similar hardness and conductivity properties to copper-beryllium coupled with superior thermal properties.

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MOLDMAX HH 7 Safe handling MOLDMAX HH is a copper-alloy with a content of ≈2% Beryllium. Make sure, during the machining of MOLDMAX HH, to avoid breathing metal dust fume or mist.

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Incorporating large blocks of beryllium copper, or other copper alloys, in the planning stages of plastic mold design is essential for achieving faster production cycles and the highest return on investment over the life of the mold.

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Beryllium-copper may be used to advantage in such circumstances. The copper is used for its high thermal conductance properties and the beryllium for its high mechanical strength. The usual composition of this alloy is 1.7% beryllium, which gives a tensile strength of about 1200 MPa.

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Copper Beryllium Alloys, which get their strength from precipitation heat treating, are used in Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Marine, Electronics, Performance Racing, and Plastic Mold tooling—as well as any market where rigorous performance is required.

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The special properties of BeCu Alloy 172 beryllium copper alloy make it a suitable mold/core/insert material for a wide variety of molding situations but especially where a combination of high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good polishability are needed. Blow molds: pinch offs, neck rings and handle inserts.

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Busby Metals supplies Copper Beryllium in a range of tempers, and in strip, rod, bar, wire, rod, tube, and plate form. Beryllium copper alloys are used in a variety of applications including automotive, industrial, and oil & gas drilling. Busby Metals is your go-to beryllium supplier.

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Jan 01, 1990· Solving Molding Problems With Beryllium Copper Beryllium copper has been used as a mold material for plastics since 1935. It provides high thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, and wear resistance; it resists corrosion caused by corrosive plastics like PVC, provides excellent mold life, and reduces molding cycle times for thermoplastics.

Solving molding problems with beryllium copper: moldmaking ...

Solving Molding Problems With Beryllium Copper Beryllium copper has been used as a mold material for plastics since 1935. It provides high thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, and wear resistance; it resists corrosion caused by corrosive plastics like PVC, provides excellent mold life, and reduces molding cycle times for thermoplastics.

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Copper beryllium is safe to use in mold components for plastic processing. Handling copper beryllium in solid form poses no special health risk. Like many industrial materials, beryllium-containing materials may pose a health risk if recommended safe handling practices are not followed.

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Whirlpool Uses Copper Alloy Mold for Dishwasher Console Part. Copper alloy tooling has been shown to offer a number of advantages to the injection molded part designer and molder. The excellent thermal conductivity of copper alloys reduces cycle times and, at …

Materion moldMAX® HH High Hardness Beryllium Copper Alloy

High Hardness Beryllium Copper Alloy, Description: moldMAX® and PROtherm® are Brush Wellman's copper beryllium alloys specifically designed for the plastic processing industry. These alloys provide a combination of thermal conductivity and

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Beryllium copper (BeCu), also known as copper beryllium (CuBe), beryllium bronze and spring copper, is a copper alloy with 0.5—3% beryllium and sometimes other elements. Beryllium copper combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities.

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Beryllium copper and its variety of alloys are utilized in very specific and often tailor-made applications such as oilfield tools, aerospace landing gears, robotic welding, and mold making applications. Additional non-magnetic properties make it ideal for down-hole wire line tools.

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MoldMAX HH® Alloy Materion Performance Alloys' MoldMAX HH (High Hard) Alloy is the premier copper mold alloy. This alloy has a hardness and strength comparable with standard tool steels but its thermal conductivity is at four to six times higher. MoldMAX HH Alloy is used for injection mold cores and cavities and blow mold pinch-offs.