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Mar 22, 2013· Nice looking 2x72 belt grinders. It is quite common for knife makers to build their own belt grinders. I built one too a few years ago based on the KMG design. Definitely the way to go! Quick configuration changes quick belt changes! I bought my contact wheels from Sunray, 8" and 10" I think it was around 300 bucks.

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When pricing a good belt grinder I found that the features that I wanted made for a hefty price tag. First I wanted a variable speed grinder for running belts slow for fine belts.

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Nov 01, 2004· Hello everyone. I'm wanting to build a 2 X 48" belt grinder (sander), using off the the shelf, or scavanged hardware. I'd like it to be a 3 wheel, or maybe an idler pully with 2 others. What I have in mind is to run a V belt from an 1800 rpm motor to a couple of pulleys, that will be adjustable in the vertical plane. I've been measuring

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The Best 2x72 Belt Grinder Build Plans Free Download. 2x72 Belt Grinder Build Plans. Basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net.

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Sep 30, 2016· This video is my 2x72 belt grinder build from an old workout bench, scrap, and a treadmill motor and parts. I tried to make this as portable and adjustable as I could. Also the treadmill motor and ...

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Abrasive belt grinders and sanders come in a variety of different sizes for deburring, shaping, sanding, polishing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, and de-scaling metal. The right size of belt and contact wheel is key for achieving proper contact to your part, while grinding to the desired radius.

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Jul 19, 2018· Came across jeremy Schmidt's belt grinder build on YouTube and loved it so we got ahold of his plans and a tempting to build our own using .500 hot rolled for the receivers and .250 for the brackets and tabs instead of .375 for everything

Belt Grinder Build - Idler Wheels - Poly or Aluminum?

Oct 22, 2013· Belt Grinder Build - Idler Wheels - Poly or Aluminum? I'm sick of messing with this thing and have been using treadmill rollers with high speed bearings for the past year. Well, the wheels are acting up and I am exploring my options on usaknifemaker.com.

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Nov 04, 2015· Hello, long time reader of the forum. First time posting here. I am about to start a 2x72 belt grinder build. It is KMG clone based on the "knife-grinder.pdf" plans by Michael Clerc. My goal is building a high quality, but cost effective grinder. Under $1k for all parts and materials.

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Right behind the welder and the chop saw, a belt grinder is one of the most versatile shop tools you could ask for. Belt grinders are used for tube notching, de-burring cut edges, removing mill ...

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2x72 Belt Grinders. Are you a DIY'er? Are you comfortable fabricating simple machinery? If so, you NEED a decent belt grinder, preferably in the 2″x72″ belt size. You'll find a thousand and one uses for it once you put one together, and it's very easy to put one together.

DIY Knifemaker's Info Center: BG-272 DIY 2 x 72" Belt Grinder

DIY 2" x 72" Belt Grinder Project Like almost every newbie knifemaker owning a decent belt grinder is dream. When I realized the price of a machine, my jaw hit the floor. Most of us getting started cannot afford a $2000 grinder. So I set out to design my own and I shamelessly borrowed as many ideas as I …

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Jul 04, 2011· I know there are lots of very mechanically minded folks here, and Id like to get your input on an idea I had. I may soon be in a position to finally build a belt grinder, and Ive been thinking about speed control. A VFD isnt in my budget -- at least not the sealed ones that are most suitable for ...


Mike, I haven't built a grinder in a lot of years now. I bought a burr king over a decade ago and that's that. I do have other belt grinders but seldom ever use anything else. My Blade Master grinder is now a surface grinder. If I made one today, I doubt it would look as good as yours.

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Feb 16, 2014· Hey all! I have been working on this belt grinder since last friday and I was able to complete it today! This is another tool I have been planing to build for years and it is so exciting to finaly have it in my shop! Here is a video showing how it works.

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Find great deals on eBay for belt grinder plans. Shop with confidence.

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Homemade Belt Grinder When I first got started making knives I was using a small underpowered 1x30 belt sander to shape my knives and was jealous of those big 2x72 belt grinders I …

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How to make a homemade 2x72 belt sander or belt grinder. This is an in-depth overview of how to make a belt sander. It includes numerous reviews of articles on building a belt sander, forum discussions (including our HomemadeTools.net forum and others), and videos on building a DIY belt grinder or a DIY belt sander. Eight of these builds include detailed homemade belt sander plans.

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Disc & Belt Grinders. If you need to smooth burrs on metal, Baileigh Industrial makes a disc grinder, belt grinder, or combination model just right for your shop or application size. We cover each grinder with a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone. Free application advice and troubleshooting always just a phone call away.

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I've been wanting to build a 2x72 belt grinder for quite a while. After researching all the kits you can buy online and just how expensive all the...

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The Motor is a 200 mm grinder With a 8 Inch Wheel. And a Flat 3 inches Wide by 5mm thick and 8 Inches long .. All that is missing is the Actual Belt, 2X72 Inches. and a …


2 x 72 belt grinder,16" wheel, tool arm,flat platen,tool rest,1 hp motor,kbac 27 variable speed will come set up for 110 volt with a 1.5 hp motor, to ugrade to 2 hp make a note of the 2 hp upgrade

No Weld Grinder Sander - 2"x72" belt sander grinder

Flexible design allows different belt lengths to be used besides 2" x 72". No precision thread tapping required. Design is a no weld design but the grinder can easily be welded if you desire. Flexible, robust design allows you to make changes to customize your grinder/sander to your own needs.

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Welcome to the "How to make a belt grinder" page. The fact that your here tells me a few things. You've probably already taken a shot at making a knife or you are ready to give a go and have started looking at the tools involved and the ridiculous prices for the most important tool.. the belt grinder.

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Nov 29, 2018· Support BladeForums! Paid memberships don't see ads! I spent some time putting together a grinder build along. I have built 9 grinders over the past 5 years and I have revised my plans a bit each time – I think I now have what I think is a very good 2x72 grinder.

How To Build A Good Belt Grinder - The Knife Maker

Two pieces are welded for the platen and to the platen. You can build your own backstand idler or you can order them from Texas Knife Makers Supply in Houston. A spring is used inside the large square bar for tension. You should find these at good hardware stores. When you put a belt on the machine this will keep the tension.

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Dec 31, 2017· We came across jeremy Schmidt's belt grinder build on YouTube and loved it so we are attempting to build our own. This is what we have so far. Started by machining .500 flat bar to fit properly then drill and tap to bolt it together instead of welding.

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Belt grinder build, part 2 Continued from part 1. Having built the frame and pulleys for the belt grinder, the next step was to add a motor. My initial idea was to make some sort of shaft with two universal joints to couple the motor to the lower wheel. But it turned out, the motors I wanted to use rotated clockwise (when looking at the shaft ...