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the mineral fluorite is an example of

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Fluorite is a fantastic mineral that grows in cubic crystals in a whole wide array of colors, in both visible light and ultraviolet light. Its earliest uses date back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese.

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The arrangement of the silicon-oxygen tetrahedra in ferromagnesian (iron- and magnesium-bearing) silicate minerals is typically: in a chain. The mineral fluorite is an example of:

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Chemical Composition of Minerals Many minerals have a precise chemical formula. Examples include: quartz, SiO2 calcite, CaCO3 Other minerals have a variable formula because of ionic substitution, which does not change crystal structure. Examples include: olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4 pyroxene (Mg, Fe)SiO3 plagioclase NaAlSi3O8 or CaAl2Si2O8

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Calcium fluoride is the inorganic compound of the elements calcium and fluorine with the formula CaF 2. It is a white insoluble solid. It is a white insoluble solid. It occurs as the mineral fluorite (also called fluorspar), which is often deeply coloured owing to impurities.

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Fluorite isn't the most common halide -- common salt or halite takes that title -- but you'll find it in every rockhound's collection. Fluorite (be careful not to spell it "flourite") forms …

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Fluorite definition, a common mineral, calcium fluoride, CaF2, occurring in green, blue, purple, yellow, or colorless crystals, usually in cubes: the principal source of fluorine, used also as a flux in metallurgy and for ornament. See more.

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Fluorite is very easy to identify if you consider cleavage, hardness, and specific gravity. It is the only common mineral that has four directions of perfect cleavage, often breaking into pieces with the shape of an octahedron. It is also the mineral used for a hardness of four in the Mohs Hardness ...

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Fluorite is a defining mineral on Moh's Scale of Hardness (it's #4). When you cleave fluorite, the resulting surface is so perfectly smooth that it shines. Attributes: Fluorite is classified as a mineral. A mineral is a naturally ocurring, crystalline solid. Fluorite has the follwoing mineral properties: Color Green Mohs Hardness

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An example of anelement mineral would be gold, and a mineral which is a compoundwould be quartz. The overall temp will effect if it is a element ora compound s Is there Examples of foods that have vitamins and minerals?

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As an example, for centuries the Chinese mined a green variety of fluorite, erroneously called 'green quartz', for carvings and figurines. Clear fluorite is among the rarest of the many fluorite varieties and was once used in the manufacture of optical lenses.

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Fluorite is found as a common gangue mineral in hydrothermal veins, especially those containing lead and zinc minerals. It is also found in some greisens, granites, pegmatites and high-temperature veins, and as a component of some marbles and other metamorphic rocks.

Fluorite, also known as Fluorspar and Fluor Spar

Fluorite is a popular gemstone appreciated by crystal enthusiasts and many alternative therapists. Fluorite is mined in many places around the world and may be found either alone or together with metallic ores and other minerals such as baryte, calcite, celestine, quartz and topaz.

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This example is a brilliant, richly saturated, golden yellow with an intense, glassy luster. This stunning yellow fluorite is punctuated by a second generation of smaller, flattened fluorites with a deep magenta coloration. The combination of these two colors is both visually arresting and geologically rare.

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Jan 18, 2012· Best Answer: It is a halide mineral. ... colour; different hint factors quartz crystal: clean citrine: yellow amethyst: pink smokey: black milkey: white length.... the time the crystal had to style till now it stopped forming thats the sole characteristic that varies because of the fact the rest are base off the main chemical composition

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Fluorite. Fluorite [CaF2] is a common accessory mineral in many hydrothermal ore deposits, and its dissolution can release F. The dissolution of some layered silicates, such as biotite, can also release F. Fluorite is the least soluble F-containing mineral that might be expected to form and limit F concentrations in low temperature systems.

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Fluorite and calcite, two mineral types, are vastly different in shape and behavior. For example, fluorite grows using a symmetrical crystal system, while calcite forms asymmetrically. Calcite is considered a common mineral, while fluorite is a semiprecious mineral. The two are found in vastly different environments and locations throughout the ...

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The ore in this large Zn-Pb-fluorite deposit in NE Hunan Province occurs as open space-filling in a major fault zone between granite and metasedimentary rocks. Following barren, pre-ore quartz, three stages of ore deposition are recognized. Studies on 400 fluid inclusions from all four stages show homogenization T of 120-200oC (av. approx 160o) and salinities of 0-14 wt.% equiv. NaCl (av. 7.7) .


The problem is shown to the left, in which the mineral fluorite (CaF 2) displays a rainbow of colors. Some minerals do have only a single color that can be diagnostic, as for instance the yellow of sulfur. Also, although many minerals vary in color few span the spectrum of colors as fluorite does.

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Fluorite may be the world's most colourful mineral, because of the enormous range of brilliant and even iridescent colours it displays. The funny thing is, pure fluorite crystals are transparent . Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride,CaF 2 .

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Fluorite (also called fluorspar) is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF 2. It belongs to the halide minerals . It crystallizes in isometric cubic habit, although octahedral and more complex isometric forms are not uncommon.

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The sample above is fluorite with a quartz overlay, while the one at right is completely quartz with a shape like fluorite. This was used as an example of overgrowth and replacement of one kind of mineral by another with time. The left sample is composed of purple fluorite crystals which are …

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The halides are so named because the anions include the halogen elements chlorine, fluorine, bromine, etc. Examples are halite (NaCl), cryolite (Na 3 AlF 6), and fluorite (CaF 2). The carbonates include minerals in which the anion is the CO 3 –2 complex.

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A classic specimen of Fluorite from the Berbes Mine, Asturias, Spain. The Fluorite forms sharp modified cubic crystals to 2.4cm, appearing to cascade and tumble down the length of the specimen. The Fluorite crystals have a purple colouration with highly reflective faces. The crystal of Fluorite also display deep purple colour band zoned phantoms.

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Physical Properties of Fluorite. Fluorite is very easy to identify if you consider cleavage, hardness, and specific gravity. It is the only common mineral that has four directions of perfect cleavage, often breaking into pieces with the shape of an octahedron.

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Fluorite. Fluorite is commercially named fluorspar composed of calcium fluoride (CaF 2).It is the principal source of fluorine. The same is used in production of hydrofluoric acid, which is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including glass etching.

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De'An Fluorite Mine, Wushan, De'An Co., Jiujiang, Jiangxi Prov., China SOLD The best associations from this pocket, to me, are the balanced examples of isolated and perfect curved fluorite (in this case to 3 cm on edge) atop a crystallized ball of the deep green colored fluorite.

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Rare examples of fluorite may exhibit phosphorescence, i.e. they will continue to glow when removed from the ultra-violet light source. This occurs because electrons in the mineral have stored energy from the ultra-violet light which they then emit on a delayed basis.